Friday, March 20, 2009

Benefits of living in Tehachapi

Recently I was posting a for-sale-sign on a 22-acre property towards the end of Deertrail and found this elk family resting under the still dormant blue oaks. It is a more remote region of Bear Valley and wildlife is more abundant. One still hears the call of the meadow lark once heard throughout the valley.

The wildflowers photos are taken on the Tejon Ranch, on the westerly side of Bear Mountain, on the way to Arvin and some were taken along Gen. Beale Road going south, then turning into the orchards, going east.

THE REAL ESTATE MARKET: I think we have reached bottom, multiple offers are the norm on short sales and inexpensive properties. Investors are looking and buying. Yesterday I visited a class that educated me on short sales, so I can better help buyers and sellers. It is a complex way of selling, but it has benefits to the seller as well as the buyer who wins the bank's approval.