Saturday, March 20, 2010

Another Winter in BVS, 2010


Today is the first day of Spring and these snow photos are late, the next post will show the glorious wildflower carpets on road 123 to Arvin. Thanks to our wet Winter this year, we are given a great treat from mother nature.

But here are the beautiful winter scenes in my neighborhood I see when Tashi and I go on our daily walks. The dramatic scenes between the storm are my favorites.
We had so much snow, that one day even Highway 58 was closed for most of the day. All was still and beautiful.

Now the springs in the mountains are active and on Surrey Way, Goldspike Road, and other drainages the sound of running water can be heard. The deer are moving up the mountain...

Here are the photos I took on 3-16-2010 on road 123 and some are from the rugged Canyon Road leading to lake Isabella. (Hwy 178 out of Bakersfield.)

Tashi grazed on the lush green grass, drank all his and my water on our 2 hour journey through these meadows. Meadow larks sang, bees hummed, butterflies flew by. It was magical.

It only will be good for a short one, maybe two weeks if we get some more rain and cold weather.
In Bear Valley the flowers will come later, as we are at higher elevations.