Friday, August 14, 2009

Elk in Bear Valley Springs and July 4th Celebrations of 2008 and 2009

It is truly like living in a park here in BVS! July 5th, early in the morning we drove to the far end of Deertrail. Friends had told me about the new-born elk twins they saw and I wanted to see them too. Lucky us, we found not only the entire family, but also the bull-elk who protected his family.

As he saw more cars he came down the hill from foraging and moved the herd away. There were sounds exchanged among the animals. As more cars came driving by, the male became concerned and so was the mother of the twins. She was showing concern and so he went back to walk accross the street with her and the kids. Then, as the rest of the herd and one elk baby showed the same concern, one of the elder cows returned to the remaining herd and "talked " to them.

After some exchange, I could clearly descern communication of some sort, they all followed her. Meanwhile, the teenager elk were watching from up the hill.
They were grand! I posted both year's parades, as I missed some participants this year. Thank you all who participated.

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